wines-of-south-america-wine-class-at-the-wine-steward Wines of North and South America Wine Class

Calling all Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon lovers! This class is for you! Join us to travel to California, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. These regions produce easy-to-like “New World” styles of wine which are fruit-forward and, often, quite rich when compared to those from the “Old World”.

In this class, we will taste 6 fine wines and will learn what makes them unique (soil, climate, grape variety, winemaking philosophy). We will talk about how to choose wines for consumption versus collection, the importance of vintages in different wine regions, and the best food to pair with the wines. In this class we will also discuss not only which regions and producers to look for, but also where you’ll find some of the best bargains.

Instructor: Svetlana Yanushkevich

Class Length: 2 hours

Class Size: 20