wines-of-australia-wine-class-at-the-wine-steward Wines of New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa Wine Class

Australia and New Zealand are relative newcomers to the world of wine-producing nations compared to “Old World” wine-producing countries. Both countries produce high quality wines of great value due to their production costs not having caught up to the rest of the world. Australian and New Zealand wines have become very popular and more approachable for new wine drinkers across the world because of their early drinkability. South African wines are grown in one of the world’s special places with ancient soils, two oceans, soaring mountains and unparalleled natural beauty.

In this class, we will taste 6 fine wines and will learn what makes them unique (soil, climate, grape variety, winemaking philosophy). We will talk about how to choose wines for consumption versus collection, the importance of vintages in different wine regions, and the best food to pair with the wines.

Instructor: Svetlana Yanushkevich

Class Length: 2 hours

Class Size: 20