tasting-like-a-pro-wine-class-at-the-wine-stewardTasting Like a Pro Wine Class

Wine is one of the most complex beverages in the world, but in order to appreciate it you need to know the basics!! In this class you will learn some of the most important aspects of wine; legs, body, depth, acidity, tannin and all of the other building blocks to begin your wine education.

Working as a Sommelier with guests and educating staff, Svetlana has often heard statements like, “This wine is good, because it’s French”, “Chilean wines are cheap, so they can’t be good.” “This bottle is great, because I spent $150.” This 2-hour class will teach you the basic vocabulary that you will need to know in order to explore wine to its fullest. All 6 wines will be served blind.

Instructor: Svetlana Yanushkevich

Class Length: 2 hours

Class Size: 20