Artisan Cheese

The Wine Steward has one of the best cheese cases in the area, with a wide variety of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk cheese sure to please your palate. All cheese is hand cut and wrapped for you while you wait. From small snack-size pieces of cheese to large party platters, The Wine Steward has the right cheese for your occaisson. All of our cheese is meticulously cared for and breathed regularly. You won’t find any stale or moldy cheese in our cheese case. Stop by for a taste!

barely-buzzed-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Beehive Barely Buzzed  Self-assured and full-bodied, this deliciously nutty cheese gets its robust flavor from a hand-applied rub of   French Superio lavender buds and a Turkish grind of “Beehive Blend” coffee from the Colorado Legacy Coffee   Company. The rub imparts rich butterscotch and caramel flavors, which manage to find their way to the center.   Aging on Utah Blue Spruce aging racks in humidity-controlled caves allows the textures and flavors to develop   to perfection. This one is definitely not shy.
   – Bronze Award at the World Cheese Awards in 2012
– 1st Place at the American Cheese Society competition in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011
– 3rd Place American Cheese Society competition in 2012
delice-de-Bourgogne-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Delice de Bourgogne  Delice de Bourgogne is a classic triple creme cheese, much in the style of other classics, such as Brillat Savarin   or Explorateur. To produce a triple creme cheese, fresh cream, or creme fraiche, is added to full-fat cow’s milk,   thereby creating incredibly rich, full-flavored but mellow cheese with a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The   interior paste is ivory-white-creamy in color and the texture in the center of the cheese is velvety and smooth,   becoming softer or runny towards the rind as the cheese matures. Flavors are extremely rich, creamy and   buttery with a creme fraiche-like tang, and notes of leon and mushrooms. Pairs very well with Champagne.
huntsman-double-Gloucester-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Huntsman – Double Gloucester and Stilton  Two wonderful cheeses matched together in Huntsman; Double Gloucester and Blue Stilton. Three layers of a   rich creamy flavor of the Double Gloucester hold two layers of a strong, richly veined Blue Stilton, resulting in a   delicious and beautiful cheese – you will love this combination as it offers a little bit of both worlds. The two   traditional cheeses are married together in a modern version of cheesemaking.
aged-gouda-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Vintage 5-Year Aged Gouda  Vintage 5 Year Gouda is produced in the “Het Groene Hart” area of northern Holland using a traditional Dutch   Gouda recipe. The texture of the Vintage 5 year is a deep caramel color, dotted with white flecks of crystalized   amino acids that give the cheese a crunchy mouthfeel. The texture of the cheese is hard, dense and flaky.   Flavors are extremely rich and sweet, with intense yet balanced tastes of butterscotch and a hint of salt.
red-dragon-mustard-ale-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Red Dragon Mustard Seed & Ale  Red Dragon, also known as Y-Fenni, is a smooth, firm tasty Cheddar. It is made with Welsh brown ale and   mustard seeds for one of a kind flavor and refined taste. Red Dragon is a buttery and spicy cheese with plenty of   bite, but is not too hot, not so overwhelming that it would overpower a dish you added it to. The mustard seeds   give Red Dragon its original flavor. The brown ale makes the cheese both moist and tangy. Red Dragon is aged   for 3 months, made from cow’s milk and is also vegetarian.
abbots-gold-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Abbot’s Gold Caramelized Onion Cheddar  Abbot’s Gold, also known by other names such as ‘Caramelised Onion Cheddar’ or ‘English Cheddar with   Caramelized Onions’, is a traditional English cheese made by the historic Wensleydale Creamery in England.   Creamy, classic Cheddar infused with rich, sweet caramelised onions tastes of tangy onion soup with an   amazing burst of flavor. Abbot’s Gold is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and pair’s best with a Riesling or pale   ale. Use it to spice up sandwiches, hot dogs and grilled steaks.
white-stilton-mango-ginger-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   White Stilton with Mango and Ginger  White Stilton with Mango & Ginger is a blended cheese which incorporates mango and Australian Buderim   ginger to impart a sweet, savoury intense flavour to the traditional Stilton cheese. Stilton on its own is extremely   creamy and delicious but the addition of fruit accords the cheese a new dimension. As you recognize this   unusual combination, let the fruity flavors of mango and spice of ginger mingles as it melts. Produced by Long   Clawson Dairy in United Kingdom, White Stilton w/Mango & Ginger is perfect as a breakfast or dessert cheese.   Pair it with a pears and walnuts and Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc.
white-stilton-cranberries-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   White Stilton with Cranberries  Crumbly fresh White Stilton made at the Clawson Dairy from locally-sourced milk is blended with the great taste   of succulent cranberry for a rich, fruity flavour. A sweet and crumbly cheese which is perfectly matched with a   glass of Riesling. Serve on digestive biscuits for a sweet taste sensation.
chevre-humboldt-fog-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese  Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese is world renowned for its creamy, mild taste. Its smoothness   comes from the quality of the goat’s milk sourced from small pasture-based family farms. The soft, creamy, and   slightly tangy taste of Humboldt Fog gives it terrific versatility. The layer of vegetable ash along the center and   under the edible mold rind gives the cheese a wedding cake appearance—perfect for dressing up a cheese   plate. Or, toss it into hot pasta to add depth for an elevated mac and cheese. You can even serve it as an   elegant dessert with pears and honey. And don’t forget the beer — try pairing with a wheat beer or IPA.
raclette-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Raclette  Raclette is a cheese from Switzerland made with whole cow’s milk. It has a thin, brownish-orange rind and a   firm, supple body that is ivory to light yellow with few, if any, holes. It is classified as semi-hard. Raclette has a   very distinctive flavor; nutty, slightly acidic, aromatic and similar to Gruyere-type cheeses. The rind is edible. It   melts well and is used in many casseroles. It can be used in grilled cheese sandwiches, too. Because this   cheese is relatively graceful, this buttery cheese pairs well with many wine types.
taleggio-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Taleggio  Taleggio is a smear-ripened Italian cheese named after the caves of Val Taleggio. It’s one of the oldest soft   cheeses produced in every autumn and winter. This cheese has been granted a PDO designation and contains   48% fat. The cheese has a strong smell, but its taste is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. To make it   brighter and moderate, factories add spices, raisins, nuts and some lemons to it. When grated on salads such as   radicchio and rucola, it tastes like a wonder, as well melts well. Taleggio can be served with Italian Nebbiolo   wines, and also a wide range of Reds and Whites.
smoked-rambol-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Smoked Rambol  Rambol is a creamy, textured cheese from Annecy, France. It begins life as Gruyere de Comté, which is de-  rinded, cooked, then slowly smoked over hickory coals. The result is a rich, delicate smoky fondue-style cheese   that is spreadable at room temperature. Enjoy it melted or served with crackers and raw vegetables.
port-salut-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Port Salut  Port Salut is a traditional monastery cheese originally created in 1816 by Trappist monks at the Abbaye du Port   du Salut in the Loire Valley. It was the first French cheese produced from pasteurized milk and features a   velvety smooth, creamy texture. This slightly acidic semi-soft cow’s milk cheese is most recognized by its edible,   bright orange washed rind. Port Salut® cheese’s dense, pale yellow interior has distinctively rich, yet mild and   savory flavor.
manchego-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Manchego  Manchego is a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed.   Official Manchego cheese is to be aged for between 60 days and two years. Manchego has a firm and compact   consistency and a buttery texture, and often contains small, unevenly-distributed air pockets. The colour of the   cheese varies from white to ivory-yellow, and the inedible rind from yellow to brownish beige. The cheese has a   distinctive flavour, well developed but not too strong, creamy with a slight piquancy, and leaves an aftertaste that   is characteristic of sheep’s milk.
drunken-goat-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Drunken Goat  No, the goats weren’t drunk. This all natural, semi-soft cheese from Spain’s Murcia region gets its name from a   process in which the cheesemakers immerse it in the local Doble Pasta wine for three days before aging it for 75   days. The result is a deep violet rind and a cheese with a rich, creamy texture and a mild yet tangy flavor. A   dramatic addition to any cheese plate.
daffinois-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Fromage d’Affinois  This French innovation may look like pudgy brie, but it’s actually much creamier. The mild, buttery flavor has a   sweetness that goes very well with champagne and fresh fruit. Fromage d’Affinois may remind you of a triple-  creme, so loaded it is with silky fat. But that texture is achieved by ”ultra filtration,” which breaks down the fat   molecules in the milk in order to further disperse them through the paste. The result is a thick, nearly whipped   spread of tangy, milky goodness.
stilton-blue-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Stilton Blue  Smooth and creamy with complex, with a slightly acidic flavor when young. As it matures so the texture   becomes softer and creamier with a mellow flavour. It makes an excellent dessert cheese and is traditionally   served with Port at Christmas. However, it can be enjoyed all year round and is worth trying with a dark cream   sherry or a sweet dessert wine. It is also very versatile and can be used in hot or cold recipes.
gorgonzola-dolcelatte-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Gorgonzola Dolcelatte  Dolcelatte is a blue veined Italian soft cheese. The cheese is made from cow’s milk, and has a sweet taste.   Dolcelatte was developed for the British market to provide a milder smelling and tasting alternative to the famous   traditional Italian blue cheese, Gorgonzola. The production method for dolcelatte is similar to the methods used   to make Gorgonzola. One difference is that it is made from the curd of only one milking. It takes about two to   three months to produce and age this cheese. The fat content of dolcelatte is higher than Gorgonzola at about   50%. Dolcelatte is comparable in taste and texture to dolceverde and torte gaudenzio cheese.
7-year-quebec-cheddar-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Old Quebec Vintage 7 Years Cheddar  A traditionally aged Canadian cheddar crafted in Québec. This raw milk cheese has an intense and tangy flavor   with an appealing sharpness that stimulates the taste buds. The care that is taken during the 7 year maturation   process results in a distinctively robust and truly unique cheese. Pairs well with Beer, ale, Burgundy, Tawny Port   or Zinfandel.
old-quebec-cheddar-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Old Quebec Vintage 3+ Years Cheddar  Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar is a traditionally aged Canadian cheddar made in Quebec. This cheese is cured a   minimum of three years. Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar has a crisp, clean flavor with an appealing sharpness   that stimulates the taste buds. At times there is a pleasing hint of fruit or even caramel. Flavors are robust, clean   and fruity with notes of butterscotch and an assertive tang.
cambozola-blue-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Cambozola Blue  Cambozola is a triple cream, brie-style blue cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk in the German region of   Allgäu. The cheese, a cross between Camembert and Gorgonzola, is creamy, moist and rich like a Camembert   with the sharpness of Gorgonzola. A soft-ripened cheese, the insides reveal pockets of blue veining and a   unique exterior of grey mold. Its savory, nutty flavor with undertones of sweetness enhance the wonderful   characteristics of the cheese. For a food connoisseur, the Cambozola is a great start into the world of Blue   Cheeses. Taste it with fruits, honey or a Chardonnay.
gouda-goat-beemster-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Gouda Goat Beemster  Select farmers in the Beemster polder have always kept a few goats to satisfy local residents who want fresh   goats’ milk. The Beemster goats graze on the same land as our cows, making their milk just as unique. This   special milk is also collected and crafted into Beemster Goat cheese. Beemster Goat cheese, aged for 4   months, smooth & regresing has a wonderfully clean, sweet taste. Decidedly different from fresh chèvre, this   cheese is sure to please even those who are not goat cheese connoisseurs, making it the perfect introductory   cheese for consumers new to the goat category. Clean, full flavored yet smooth taste; crumbles for salads.   Delicious with dark breads, avocado and walnuts.
iberico-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Iberico  Similar to Manchego, Iberico is made from a blend of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. Immensely popular in   Spain, Iberico accounts for approximately 50% Spain’s national cheese consumption. In terms of texture, the   interior paste of Iberico is semifirm, waxy and has a scattering of small “eyes,” or holes. Flavors are mild, yet   tasty and aromatic. The blend of milks combines the grassy, sweet and herbaceous flavors of the goat’s and   sheep’s milk, while maintaining the smooth, buttery characteristics of cow’s milk. Serve with quince paste   (membrillo), Spanish almonds, chorizo, or Jamon Serrano.
cave-aged-gruyere-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Cave Aged Gruyere  One of the most essential ingredients to fondue is Swiss Gruyere. Made from unpasteurized (raw)  cow’s milk it   has a nutty, sweet taste with complex musty and mushroomy notes. It is everything Emmentaler wishes it were.   The Swiss-style Gruyere tends to be sweeter than the French version produced in the Jura mountains and have   2x the flavor of Emmentaler. Choose Gruyere for gratins, soups, grilled cheese sandwiches and of course   fondue. Can also be paired with red Burgundies, Rhone Reds, and Alsatian Reds.
le-chevrot-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Le Chevrot  Made in the Loire Valley, near Poitou, in France, Le Chevrot is produced by the Cooperative Sèvre-et-Belle in   the village of Celles-sur-Belle. Le Chevrot is goat’s milk cheese that has a bright white pate with an off white,   slightly wrinkled edible rind. This cheese has an inviting aroma, with a buttery taste and a fine moist texture. As it   gets older, the interior develops a flaky and creamy texture and the rind offsets a nuttier, rustic and full-bodied   flavor.
pecorino-romano-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Pecorino Romano  Pecorino is a term used to define Italian cheeses made from 100% sheep’s milk. Pecorino Romano is one of the   most ancient types of cheese as well as the most famous outside of Italy. Its lengthy aging time from eight to 12   months results in a dry and granular texture and a strong taste. When young, the cheese has a soft and rubbery   texture with sweet and aromatic flavor. The flavor becomes sharper and smokier when aged for eight months or   longer. Pecorino Romano is one of most widely used, sharper alternatives to Parmesan cheeses. Because of   the hard texture and sharp & salty flavor, Pecorino Romano is an excellent grating cheese over pasta dishes,   breads and baking casseroles. Pair it with a glass of big, bold Italian red wine or a light beer.
pecorino-crotonese-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Pecorino Crotonese  Pecorino Crotonese comes from the village of Crotone in Southern Italy. Crotonese is softer, less flaky, and less   salty than its more famous cousins like Pecorino Romano. Like other Pecorinos, Crotonese has a sheepy taste,   but is sweeter than many other varieties. Some have described it as citrusy, or reminiscent of sun-dried   tomatoes. It has a slightly oily rind, from the natural oils found in sheep’s milk.
petit-basque-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Petit Basque  From the French Pyrenees, Petite (P’tit) Basque is a popular, firm, wax-covered, washed-rind cheese that has   the sweet flavor for which sheep’s milk is renowned. Favored by many, it’s smooth texture is perfect for shaving   and cubing. It has a beautiful basket-weave casing and displays well on cheese platters. Fruity wines are   recommended, such as Spanish Ribera del Duero Reserva, full-fruited French reds and richer California   Cabernet.
parmigiano-reggiano-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Parmigiano Reggiano  Parmigiano Reggiano is an Italian cow’s milk cheese. With its rich, nutty taste and distinctive aroma, it is used by   the finest chefs in food preparation. Parmigiano-Reggiano is used in cooking in various ways. Grate, shred or   shave it on pasta, salads, vegetables or fruits. But it is equally delicious to eat with fruit, crackers and wine or   sprinkled on pasta, rice or soup. The cheese is high in calcium, and low in fat and hence very healthy.
piave-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Piave  Piave is named after the river Piave, whose source is found at Mount Peralba in Val Visdende in the   northernmost part of the province of Veneto, Italy. The land surrounding the ancient river is integral to the   character of the cheese: it is where the milk is collected, the curd is cooked, and the cheese is aged until hard.   Piave has an intense, full-bodied flavor reminiscent of Parmigiano Reggiano that intensifies with age and makes   this cheese unique. Pair Piave with Zinfandel. Pairs well with cider.
aged-provolone-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   Aged Provolone  Produced exclusively from full-fat cow’s milk coming from neighboring farms in Pieve, it is a treat for the senses.   Beautiful, smooth paste, pale yellow in color. It smells slightly pungent, and its flavor is robust, nutty, and   piquant. If all you’ve had is sliced provolone from the deli counter, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Serve with   fruit, vegetables, charcuterie, and pickles.
german-beer-cheese-at-the-wine-steward   König Ludwig Bierkäse  Schoenegger Kaese-Alm has created a classic Bavarian cheese. They use fresh, unpasteurized milk from cows raised on mountain farms in protected regions of Europe where they are fed on fresh grass and hay. König Ludwig Bierkäse is a delicate yellow, semi-hard cheese with small holes ripened in fine King Ludwig dark beer to give it its hearty taste. This Dark Beer Cheese melts well for cooking, but is just terrific on its own or served with hearty German bread and a good beer.