Svetlana Yanushkevich grew up on the southern peninsula of the Ukraine, known as Crimea. Crimea is famous for its 2,000-year-old tradition of winemaking. As a child she learned about wine from her uncle, who worked in Massandra, the imperial winery of Nikolai II, Czar of Russia. Svetlana holds an MS degree in viticulture and a Ph.D. in agriculture and worked as an Associate Professor of viticulture in the Ukraine. In 2002, Svetlana relocated to the US, where she completed the London-based Wine and Spirit Education Trust’s (WSET) highest level to become a Diplomat in Wine and Spirits (DWS).

After obtaining her WSET diploma, Svetlana managed the wine programs at several prestigious Philadelphia restaurants. She also worked as a wine educator for corporate and private clients. In 2007 she relocated to Nashua, NH, where she opened WineNot Boutique in Nashua, winner of numerous awards for excellence. In September, 2013 Svetlana purchased The Wine Steward.

Svetlana is available for a range of wine consulting services including private wine tastings and dinners, staff training, wine list development, pricing, and menu pairing. Svetlana also offers public wine education courses and events through The Wine Steward and WineNot Boutique.