“Be your Own Sommelier” 6 Week Wine Course

$210.00 at The Wine Steward

Have you ever felt disappointed after reading a wine review in which a wine expert described a dozen different flavors in the wine but you thought the wine tasted simply like white (or red) wine?  Or maybe after reading a food-and-wine pairing article that tells you which foods pair with which wines without explaining why?  If you have ever felt uncomfortable in a restaurant reading a multi-page wine list without knowing how to choose a wine or how to describe to your server the style that you like, you have come to the right place! Join us on Fridays (6:30-8:30PM) for a 6-week wine course and let’s discover the natural and sensual beauty of wine together! 

Friday January 10th: Tasting like a Pro This 2-hour class will teach you the basic vocabulary that you will need to know in order to explore wine to its fullest.  

Friday January 24th: Sommeliers Secrets Join us to learn how to discern different smells and flavors in wines.  Extreme examples of a smoky wine, a fruity wine, a floral wine, and a wine aged in American and French oak will be selected.

Friday February 7th: Big 6 Wine Grapes 80 percent of the quality wines sold in this country are made from six grape varieties. We will conduct a tasting of one example of each of the 6 wine varietals from different regions of the world.

Friday February 21st: Old World & New World In this class we will compare a grape varietal grown in the “Old World” with the same varietal grown in the “New World” countries. and will learn about two fundamental winemaking philosophies.

Friday March 7th: Pairing Wine with Food If you always stick with the “same old, same old” when you order wine, or if you avoid being the one to choose the wine for dinner, this class is for you. Join us to learn about wine & food pairing do’s and don’ts and how to choose a crowd pleasing wine for a dinner party.

Friday March 21s: Pairing Wine with Exotic Chocolate and Artisan Cheese This special class brings together three divine creations: wine, cheese and chocolate. We are inviting you to travel the globe with your palate from Italy to France to Colombia.

– Price for all 6 weeks is $210. Prices include printed material, 6 wines, artisan bread, and samples of 1-2 fine cheeses. This is a educational class where Svetlana will be teaching you about different subjects pertaining to the art of wine appreciation.

– There are 20 seats available in each class.

– No refunds will be given for missed classes, however if you have registered for all 6 weeks and cannot make a particular class, you may attend this class during the next session at no additional charge.

– First we will be accepting reservations for all 6 courses, and if there are any additional/unsold seats, we will offer the opportunity for people to register for individual classes.

– Please reserve your seats now as these courses have, in the past, always sold out quickly.